Bird Watching In Lion Country Review 2010

Bird Watching In Lion CountryThis Bird Watching In Lion Country review looks at the 2010 updated version of Dirk Du Toit's groundbreaking forex ebook. The original version was released over 5 years ago. In spite of the weird name, it quickly became an all time best seller among forex trading ebooks.

The point of the weird name is that the forex market is a dangerous jungle ... lion country, in fact. We are set upon by gurus and so-called experts every time we turn around. Some of them probably do not even trade successfully themselves, but they are all trying to sell us something to make forex easy ... a simple system that a baby could master, a forex robot that you can set up in five minutes, whatever ... but those easy routes don't work.

Du Toit's premise is that there is no way anybody can profit from trying to make forex easy, because it just isn't. If you want to go bird watching in lion country, he says, you must take precautions. You must know what you are looking for but even more important, you must know what to avoid.

If you are looking for a simple forex trading system based on one indicator with fixed rules that you never break, this is not the ebook for you. Du Toit's system takes many different factors into account. He argues that you cannot expect to trade forex profitably for any length of time without taking account of fundamental factors, i.e. market forces.

The first version of Bird Watching In Lion Country was very popular, with great reviews. It became known as a must-read for all serious traders. It continued to sell well and covered aspects of the forex market that are not going to change in just a few years, if ever. So what's with the update? Why has Du Toit taken the trouble to release a new version, and what does it cover?

The good news is that all of the essential ground is still covered in the new version. The book is still the best comprehensive guide to forex trading that you are likely to find online.

Bird Watching In Lion Country 2010 gives a little more attention to certain things such as drawdown which were skimmed over too quickly for some people in the first edition. Drawdown is vital for determining risk and therefore it is a necessary part of any flexible forex system such as the trading method outlined here. There are also examples from real trading situations.

There is a huge amount of information here. Du Toit's style is straight talking but explanations can be long. Beginners may find it confusing it places but just go on reading. By the time you reach the end you will almost certainly be fired up and ready to trade, or even ready to read it all over!

One thing I didn't like is that after you download the ebook, you will be encouraged to join a mentoring program. Like most mentoring programs this is not cheap and has a very restricted number of places available. It can be frustrating if you are keen to join and cannot because there is no space for you. Alternatively, some people do not get along with mentoring and feel that it is not worth the money.

But there is enough in the ebook itself to give you all the information you need for successful trading. You may not need coaching and even if you decide that you do, it's not so bad if you have to wait a while. Bird Watching In Lion Country stands out by itself. Taking the time to practice the skills taught in the ebook means that you will be in a better position to make the most of mentoring if and when you decide to go for it.

The bottom line of this Bird Watching In Lion Country review is that this new edition is a must-have for any forex trader. Whether or not you already read the previous version, get Bird Watching In Lion Country 2010 edition today.