FibMaster Review: Successful Fibonacci Chart Trading?

In this FibMaster review we take a look at the series of videos developed by master trader Neal Hughes in the art of successful trading using the Fibonacci chart method.

What Is Fibonacci Chart Trading?

Fibonacci trading is based on taking advantage of reversals in price movements. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers was discovered by an Italian mathematician in the 12th century. It has various applications in mathematics and in nature, but the importance for financial traders is that the ratio between the numbers in this sequence can predict reactive price movements or retracements.

As you will know very well, after any significant upward or downward price movement, the price will tend to 'bounce back' at least some of the way. This is known as retracement.

Broadly speaking, currencies and stocks tend to follow patterns in which the retracement is usually around either 23.6%, 38.2%, 50% or 61.8% of the previous move. To understand which of these is likely to apply to a particular currency movement, you need a solid system based on a Fibonacci chart.

In trading, Fibonacci is a leading rather than a dragging indicator. This means that it predicts future price movements rather than analyzing past movements or averages. The future is what we need to know when we are trading, so this gives this method an advantage over other chart analysis systems from the get go.

Fibonacci Chart Trading For Forex

Fibonacci trading has been used to produce great results in stock trading for years. In fact, it has been described as 'trading voodoo' because its ability to predict retracements is so uncanny. Now there is a Fibonacci trading method that can be used to trade currency on the forex market as well as for stocks, options and futures. Neal Hughes' method can be used on all of these markets with equally solid results.

What You Get

With the FibMaster method you get two stand alone video training courses. The first is an introduction to Fibonacci trading and the systems that you can use. Following on from that is the advanced Fibonacci trading course. In total, 21 video tutorials are provided, totalling over 3 hours of training.

Subjects include: how Fibonacci trading works, advice on entry and exit levels plus stops, when to take your profit, day trading and longer term trading strategies, how to stack the odds in your favor, and more.

What You Will Need

You'll need a computer on which to watch the videos, of course, including sound. You will also need a trading account that provides Fibonacci charts. If this is not available from your broker, you can get it from any good forex charting service.


Theoretically the FibMaster method could be used by a beginner. However, the examples focus on stock trading so you do need to translate to the forex market. That is very easy to do of course if you have a little experience, but a complete beginner might find this confusing. Equally, it does depend on chart analysis which some people find easier than others. If technical analysis does not come easily to you then you will need to put in some time, but Neal Hughes makes the learning curve as short and simple as possible. However, if this is an issue, Neal also provides daily videos of forex trading opportunities through his site at

The videos themselves are clear and cover everything from the basics of Fibonacci trading to more detailed analysis that you will want to save for a later viewing. The beauty of this is that you can run with a simple technique if you wish or try it all in a demo account step by step, gradually adding to your system as you master more aspects of the technique.

If you have not tried trading with Fibonacci charts before, we think you will find this method a real eye opener. And even if you have, Neal Hughes will almost certainly introduce you to systems and tips that you have not seen before.


The product is sold by Clickbank who offer a full money back guarantee for 8 weeks from the date of purchase. So you can buy and try it out in your demo account for a full two months without risk.

FibMaster Review: The Bottom Line

So we highly recommend the Fibonacci trading system demonstrated in the FibMaster videos if you are looking for a new and profitable method of price movement prediction. FibMaster is the easiest and best way to profit from Fibonacci chart trading that we have seen.

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