Forex Rebellion Review

Forex Rebellion

This Forex Rebellion review takes a look at the new system by Russ Horn. It's a simple system to make money with forex trading. Horn says that a beginner can learn his system in 25 minutes.

So, what do you get in Forex Rebellion and does it really work? Are users actually making money with Forex Rebellion?

What You Get

So what is Forex Rebellion? Is it another robot?

The answer is no - but it does have an automated component.

This is a manual trading system that identifies trades with a high probability of success. But you also get a piece of software called a 'trading assistant' which will alert you when conditions are favorable for a trade according to the system. You then decide whether to go ahead and trade.

This means you are in complete control of your trades, but at the same time, you do not have to waste your life scanning the markets 24 hours a day. It's the best of both worlds. It also means that you can cover more than one currency pair.

As well as the trading assistant, you get over 40 videos showing how the system works. This includes footage of Russ trading the system live on the real market. It also includes different kinds of situations that may arise in the market and how to deal with them.

You also get special chart indicators that have been developed specifically for the Forex Rebellion system. You will not find these indicators anywhere else but they come free with this system. Other systems leave you to tweak standard indicators as well as you can - Forex Rebellion serves them up to you on a plate.

Plus of course, you get a manual. This is great for referring back to, after you watched the videos. Or if you are the kind of person who prefers to learn from the written word, you will find the system very well explained in the manual. (But it is best to watch the videos at least once, especially the bonus videos. There's information and strategies there that are not in the manual.)

The Forex Rebellion System

This is a short term trading system (day trading) which will suit anybody whose time on the computer is limited. It can be used in any time zone and on any currency pair. Since forex is a 24 hour market, people with a regular job can use this in the evenings or early mornings, while a stay at home parent could trade while the kids are at school. It's very flexible.

Another advantage of this kind of flexibility is that the market will not be saturated with traders using the same system at the same time. Forex Rebellion traders will be dispersed through different time zones and different currency pairs.

However, when you are starting out with the system it is best to stick with one currency pair. EUR/USD will be easiest to begin with, because of the high volume of trades. You also have a choice of time frames and we recommend starting with one hour.

How To Use The Videos

40 videos is a lot! And as for the claim that you can learn this system in 25 minutes - well, you would be missing a lot if you only spent 25 minutes on this. But it is a simple system that is quick to learn.

While some people will happily watch the whole video series right through from start to finish, for beginners that could be confusing. So instead, a great way to use this type of video training is to sign up for a broker demo account and actually follow along with what Russ Horn is doing. Using a demo account means that you do not have to risk any money.

At the same time, take brief notes of what is included in each video. This makes it way easier to find what you want if you want to come back and watch a strategy again.

Customer Feedback

People are raving about Forex Rebellion! You will see plenty of testimonials from users on the site, but the place to look for genuine impartial feedback is the forex forums. Comments there are extremely positive, with plenty of 5 star reviews.

We didn't really find any negatives except people recommending that you start small - start in demo to find your feet, pay attention to the training on risk management and stop losses, and don't start right out with 10 different currency pairs all at once. It's just common sense.

Some users do go live right away but this would only be appropriate for experienced traders who can see that the system is going to work from the videos. Beginners need to get accustomed to the mechanics of trading and this is best done in a demo account where a mistake will not cost you anything.


You have a guaranteed refund here if you are not happy with this system. You have up to 60 days to test it out.

In order to make this a truly risk free 60 days, it is best to use a demo account. For newbies who do not already have a broker, there is a special link to a recommended broker in the download area. With this service (and most others) you can trade in demo mode at first until you are completely confident in the system and your trading abilities.


There is a PPS that Russ Horn has put on the site: "Fate brought you here and fate can take you to a whole new level in the Forex Trading niche. I've done all I can to help you find true success. The rest is up to you."

We could say the same about this Forex Rebellion review. Destiny ... or something ... has brought you here and you can be thankful, because you have actually come across a real money making forex system among all of the dubious forex strategies out there. This is the one folks - get it or get out, because if you can't make money with this, you shouldn't be trading.

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