FAP Turbo Review: The Truth About FAP Turbo

OK guys (and gals), here in my FAP Turbo review, you can find out just what I think about FAP Turbo. The hottest automatic forex trading robot to hit the market recently ... or is it?

FAPTurbo Results

The results that we see on the FAPTurbo website are amazing, but of course they would be. What we need to know is whether ordinary users make a profit.

A quick look on the world wide web shows that people are more than satisfied with their results. It sounds to be exceeding any other robot that people have used.

Is FAP Turbo At Your Level?

I have seen some criticism that FAPTurbo is too complicated for a new trader and certainly to get the best out of it takes some currency trading experience or at minimum a basic theoretical knowledge of stock or currency trading. FAP Turbo has many options for its settings and a new trader would take a while to get accustomed to with them.

Nevertheless its flexibility is what gives this automated forex trading system the edge over the others. It is really a huge benefit. A total newbie would need to give himself time to make the most of it, but this is still better than beginning with some other system that might be less complicated but might finish up losing your money.

So for a newbie I would say, go ahead and get FAPTurbo but do not expect to start making hundreds of dollars a day immediately. Spend time watching the explanatory videos, check out the FAQ and ask questions on the forum. Start with a demo account -- do not get into live trading until you are ready. This will be your best chance of profiting from it.

Hardware Requirements

FAPTurbo uses MetaTrader 4 which is the industry standard platform for this type of software. You will need Windows (2000, XP or Vista).


At the time I write, the initial launch price is still available but it could change at any time. Whatever the current price, do not forget that this is just a one time fee. You will then own the software outright and can take your time familiarizing yourself with it.


You will not be hassled with a lot of upgrade options but they do offer to install FAPTurbo on a hosted server for you, instead of operating it on your own computer. This means that you do not need to have your PC on 24 hours a day and you do not need to be concerned about your internet connection going down while you are out or sleeping.

Beginners might as well wait until they are going to begin trading for real before they accept this option. But if you are planning to go live right away, you probably should accept the upgrade and set up on their server from the beginning.

Guarantees And Refunds

The guarantee is good for a full two months with Clickbank. So you do not have to go to the product developer if you need a refund, you can go direct to Clickbank and it will be granted. I recommend buying through Clickbank if possible, because of this.

The Bottom Line - 4 Stars

February 2009: I gave this 5 stars and said:
It is clear to me that FAPTurbo is the best automated forex trading system on the market at this time. If your current software is not performing or if you have been trading without a forex robot, you will certainly want to switch to FAP Turbo. Beginners should give it a try and keep going, remembering what I have said in this FAP Turbo review.

Update, May 2009: Amended to 4 stars after reviewing Forex Megadroid, released in April. FAP Turbo is still just as good, but robots are constantly evolving and the Megadroid beats it. Read my Forex Megadroid review here.