Forex Megadroid Review: The Forex Robot That Predicts The Future?

This Forex Megadroid review takes a close look at the expert advisor that is revolutionizing the currency trading world. Can it really foretell the movements of the markets and guarantee profits for you?

What Forex Megadroid Claims To Do

This new MT4 EA was developed by John Grace and Albert Perrie and unleashed on the world in the spring of 2009. Grace and Perrie used their combined 38 years of forex market trading to work on its systems and then applied what they call 'market adapting intelligence' so that it would be flexible in dealing with a constantly changing market.

So it is this market adapting artificial intelligence that allows the Megadroid to claim to be able to see the future. It learns from the changes that it encounters and amends its systems to deal with the new patterns that are emerging. This ability means that you have a better chance of surviving unusual or very volatile circumstances than you had with the old robots.

Of course it is not a question of long term predictions. Forex Megadroid uses what the developers call 'reverse correlated time and price analysis' (RCTPA) to predict market movements just 2 to 4 hours into the future. But that is all you need for a successful trade.


This new EA has been out for about 8 weeks as I write this review. It is early days, but long enough to have gathered plenty of reviews from independent users. It is clear from feedback on the forex trading forums that people are having success with it. The first full month of trading went well and many people are seeing over 90% profitable trades.

That is a great result. It needs to have 5 successful trades to each loss, so anything over 80% should see you making profits. Remember though that 90% wins does not mean a steady 9 wins followed by 1 loss. You could have the loss first or you could suffer two losses in a row. Either of these scenarios is discouraging for beginners. Keep your head. One rule of statistics is that the improbable happens more often than you expect. Experienced traders understand that losses are part of the game. Don't risk too much on one trade.

Looking at percentage gains, users reported 10% to 20% increase in funds over the month of April. That is a healthy profit which will make you good income if it keeps up.


Users report that Forex Megadroid did not at first make as many trades as they expected. People were only seeing 3-4 trades a week. This meant that unless you wanted to risk large sums, you would not have a chance to make a lot of money in a short time, which many people starting out in forex want to do. So this was frustrating for many users.

However, a slow and steady approach is much more likely to lead to long term growth. If this software teaches beginners to look to the long term instead of trying to make a fortune overnight, it will be doing us all a service. So have patience while your bot is sitting there waiting to trade.

Anyway with the recent release of version 1.1, long gaps between trades do not seem to be so much of an issue and users are reporting up around 10-12 trades a week now.


This is a very powerful forex bot that must have cost a deal in research and development. I was fully prepared to pay several hundred dollars and was pleasantly surprised when I found it available for just $97. This may be a limited time offer but even if you find the price a little higher when you visit, it is worth plenty more.

Guarantee - 100%

The vendor is the independent online retailer Clickbank who offer a 100% guarantee for 60 days on all of their products. So you will not have hassles trying to get a refund if it doesn't work out for you. Just be sure to go to Clickbank and not to the developers support desk which is for technical matters, not payments.

Conclusion - 5 stars

Automated forex software is constantly evolving but this one does genuinely seem to be the leader of a new generation. While there are others that use the same approach, Forex Megadroid seems to be getting the best results. With 60 days to play with it before you have to decide to return it or keep it, you can try it out without risk. Go for it. Get Forex Megadroid here