10 Min Forex Wealth Builder Review

This 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder review takes a close look at the system developed by Dean Saunders.

User Feedback

The 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder has been available for long enough to prove its worth and it is still getting great feedback on the forums from traders who are using it on both demo and real money accounts. Trading opportunities arise often enough for traders to be able to make significant profits.

What You Get

This is an instant download. You get two different trading systems (the main Breakout system and the additional Swing system) that have both been tried and tested by the developer. You are given all you need to know to operate them, with the written manuals supplemented by video tutorials including live trading videos.

How It Works

These are manual trading systems with thorough and clear instructions. We found in our 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder review that you will be advised on risk, profit aims, stops and entry signals. Analysis is price driven and not dependent on lagging indicators. The aim is to increase your account balance by a healthy 10% to 30% a month. Having two systems gives you more chances to trade.

You can operate the systems in 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder in the evening if you have a day job. As you might guess from its name, the Breakout system in particular is very quick to implement. It is not a day trading system so you do not have to stare at the computer for hours. The point of the title is that you should only need to put in 10 minutes a day to set up your trades, once you know what you are doing. Of course you also have to give some time to understanding the system.

Once you have your entry and exit points decided, you can set them up to be automatically triggered in your brokerage account and walk away from your computer until the next day. As well as saving you a lot of time, this also has the advantage of removing the emotional element from your trading. Leaving your trades to take care of themselves, you will not be tempted to alter the settings from fear or greed. This gives you maximum profit potential from the system.


Money management combined with a profitable system is the key to successful forex trading. For this 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder review we found that Dean Saunders covers both. Do not ignore the money management side of the system and think that you can take bigger risks than Dean proposes. Doubling your money overnight is a dream that leads to disaster. Have patience and above all, do not trade when the signal is not there.

Forex trading carries a high risk and most people who do not succeed with this system can probably put their difficulties down to bad money management. Do not skip the different steps in the training even if you think you know what you are doing. As with all systems, making small changes here and there can render the system unprofitable.

Having said that, the stop losses are sometimes a little too close to the entry point and you might want to vary these a little. Test this out in a demo account before you go live.


Beginners are covered with two introductory videos that show you how to open a demo account and use the charting software. You can skip these if you are more experienced.

There is not a lot of unnecessary information. Everything relates to putting these particular systems into practice. If you want more background about forex trading, you will need to look elsewhere. But for this 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder review we found that this is very simple to put into practice without having to wade through a lot of fluff.


Dean Saunders offers very good, fast email support, usually answering support emails personally.


The system is sold by Clickbank who offer a 100% money back guarantee for a full 8 weeks after purchase. This means that having read this 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder review you can purchase and test it out on a demo account with no risk. Simply return it if it doesn't work. But we think that if you follow the system properly, you have a very good chance of success with this forex trading system.

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