Forex Confidante Review

In this Forex Confidante review we take a close look at the forex trading system developed by professional forex trader Tom Strigano. Update: Forex Confidante is no longer available but you can access the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder here.

What You Get

Forex Confidante is a specific trading system that you apply yourself through your broker account. It does not rely on robots and you don't need to invest in any robot to set this up. You can test it out on a demo account before you start trading for real, which we would always recommend anyway with any system, however successful.

The system is available for instant download. Just be sure not to close your web browser after payment and you will reach a page where you can download the ebook which describes the system.

You can upgrade to get the Forex Confidante videos which give you a very clear introduction to the system. We recommend that you have a quick read through the ebook and then get the videos if you think you need them. Beginners will almost certainly want to see the system in action. The videos are easier for getting a grip on the basic system but the ebook goes deeper into the techniques.

User Feedback

Feedback on this system in the forex forums is very positive. Users report making good steady profits with it, provided you understand it fully and follow the golden rules that the author sets out. As ever, you can't expect a system to work if you don't stick to it, but there is a roadmap to success here for those who are prepared to follow.

It is well set out with a simple system for beginners to start, and much more in depth trading approaches for those who are prepared to spend a little time with it.


Support is provided by the system's originator, Tom Strigano. Comments on independent forums reveal that he is very helpful, even providing telephone support where required. Obviously in the case where you get the answer from the man himself, you cannot expect him to be online 24/7, but as traders work online he's going to be around often and response time is quick.

The Downside

The main method described here relies on you being online at 8.30 am EST on business days. Most people living in the eastern US time zone with a regular job are going to be either at their desks or commuting at that time, and you might think that this rules it out for you.

However if you look deeper into Forex Confidante you will see that it is more flexible than that. The breakout method described could be used at pretty much any time of day or night. So do not let first impressions put you off here.

Of course you may live in another time zone where this timing is perfect for you. And even if you do want to follow the method of trading at 8.30 am to begin but the time frame doesn't suit your schedule, there are ways around the issue. For example you could hang out for breakfast in a coffee shop near to your office with your laptop on wireless and then head for your office right after you finish trading. Be creative!

Money Back Guarantee

The retailer Clickbank gives a no questions satisfaction guarantee for a full 8 weeks from the date of purchase. You can get a refund any time during that period by applying to them. This gives you plenty of time to get to grips with the system and work it in a demo account. If you are not making money with it, you can return it for a full refund.

The Verdict

An excellent system. To summarize this Forex Confidante review: get 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder today, master it and follow it!